[Closed] (13 Days of Xeros) Day 8: Pastel Goth

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X-821 - PASTEL GOTH - Art & Design by PandaParfait!
Welcome to day 8 of our spooktacular 13 Days of Xeros! Pastel Goth is a Flatsale Raffle of 65 USD open to everyone!


Click for More Info!


THIS Design IS OPEN TO everyone!

Flatsale Raffles give everyone an equal chance of winning no matter their internet speed!


★ Only one comment per person! Please notify any friends who wish to join and have them comment for themselves!

★ Payment is due within 24 hours after the raffle is rolled. If you need an extension, please let us know ahead of time!

★ Do NOT create multiple accounts to gain extra raffle entries. The use of 'sock puppet accounts' to gain extra raffle tickets or items on Project Xero is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

★ You may pay for a friend if they win! Just as long as the design is going to THEM, not you!

★ As a reminder, please do not enter if you have won a design during the advent, even if you have traded them away!


To apply, simply leave a comment on this post with:

★ An email address you check, for us to send an invoice if you are a winner (doesn't have to be your Paypal email, any email can receive an invoice!) Some GA's will ask you to send funds directly so be aware! (Feel free to say you will send an email if you win if you aren't comfortable sharing publicly!)

★ A place of contact, such as your Discord ID or Twitter handle!

Once we close sign-ups, we will add usernames to a raffle bot on the site itself and draw the winner! We will then contact the winner and send them where to pay, and once paid, they will receive the Xero! Please DO NOT enter if you cannot pay when the time comes!
WE WILL BE ROLLING THIS raffle AT 8PM PST/11PM EST October 26th!


🎉 Good luck to everyone entering! 🎉



MinTea Avatar

Discord: mintytheduckoofchaos
Email will be provided in DM if I win!

2023-10-26 18:05:14

Estellars Avatar

Discord: Estellars
Email: Will DM if won!

2023-10-26 13:49:06

Nyctaphore Avatar

Discord: Nyctaphore
Will give email if won

2023-10-26 12:33:07

Ezaria Avatar

Ill give my email if i win!
Discord: Ezaria

2023-10-26 12:30:56

cosmiccasinos Avatar

email given if won
discord: cosmiccasinos

2023-10-26 12:19:33

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