Jackpot Planet

Jackpot Planet

Nestled between two well-established Xero boutiques lies a new business- Its brightly glowing neon sign fits right in with the rest of the street, but there are a few peculiar things about it. The door is heavy and narrow, vertically opening on a currently unseen mechanism to create a canopy over the entrance. The poster of the hours of operation is written in slightly misspelled Alurizan, hastily scrawled and difficult to read.

Walking into the empty shop you notice a pleasantly sweet smell, like freshly made candy. The shelves are somewhat bare, however, and as you make your way up to the counter you notice a note propped up with a triangular paperweight. The words "BE BACK LATER!" are written in large script, and underneath are instructions on how to use the "Prize Dispenser" in the owner's absence.

A tall machine sits to the left of the note on the counter, humming quietly. With a large touchscreen in the middle, it allows you to pass your forefinger over it and cycle through a myriad of items-- some are familiar, but some are unique, piquing your curiosity. There is a slot to the right of the screen big enough for your paw with a small metal tray and a glowing green button. The placard above is emblazoned with the word "ORBITS" in large cartoonish letters.

orbits   orbits  orbits

In this shop, users are able to exchange their new saccharine currency, Orbits, for prizes during Project Xero site events! Users may use their Orbits immediately, or save up for other items during the next event. Orbits do not expire when events end, so please spend as you'd like.

During events, free items may be available on a daily or weekly basis. Please only take one!
❗️ Making side accounts in attempt to claim additional free items is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. ❗️


AREZ Welcome Gift
AREZ Welcome Gift
Cost: 0 Orbit
Max 1 per user