Blair Blair

26 June 2021 (3 years ago)
Lab Assistant
Team Fruit (Seed)

Hello there! My name is Blair! I'm a moderator for Xeros! 

✨ My pronouns are They/Them or He/Him, use whichever ones you want! 

🌸 I handle most of the announcement making/sales and also help with event planning of Xeros!  

✨ I'm  more in the background as Im not much of an artist, but I still do my best to be active in the community aspect <3! 

⭕️ I love tigers, clowns, pastels and soft things! 🐅💖

❌ I dislike loud noises, intense pressure, ignorant folks and bean sprouts 🌱 ❌

🌸 For contact, discord is the best place! My discord ID is @clownbells ! Dont be afraid to toss me a message! 

3054 Prestige
8 Astatine
115 Wish Shard
Tuft of Wool
Helix Bean
Grass Fiber
Bijou Grass

Characters / Companion / Retired

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