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XERO [ X-1118A Experimental Rebuilt Organism]

A Xero  - pronounced like ‘Zero’ - is a species of alien experiments that are ‘rebuilt’ from the species’ original DNA, combined with the DNA of other creatures from across the galaxy (including animals from Earth!) They are being rebuilt because the original species was doomed to extinction due to the planet's failing magnetosphere; its protective shield against solar winds and its atmosphere began to dissipate as its surface was bathed in intense solar radiation, obliterating all but the most hardy of its life.

This specific species, which used a complex system of genetic adaptations to survive the now hostile conditions, was deemed too unique to be lost and a commission was formed to devise a way to save it. Eventually, it was decided that the ones that could be saved would be taken from the planet's surface and revitalized if possible. The largest problem faced by the creatures was rapid cellular degradation from the intense radiation. Thus began one of the most revolutionary genetic projects so far undertaken: the X-1118A Experimental Rebuilt Organism initiative, or Project XERO for short.

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Xeros generally have thin, noodley bodies, large, almost chibi-like heads, and chunky limbs and paws. Their arms are much longer than their legs, which are very short.  They can easily switch between standing on 2 legs or 4, and they keep the same proportions and shape regardless of how they are standing. When standing on their hind legs, they stand with a plantigrade stance, and when standing on all four, they stand digitigrade with their heels raised, which keeps their backs relatively straight.

The average Xero is about 4 feet tall (122 cm) when standing upright. Desert Xeros are the smallest, averaging about 3 feet tall (90 cm), and Tundra Xeros are the largest, at about 5 feet tall (152 cm). While many Xeros are slim, they can still come in other body types, such as chubby or muscular.




Xeros are very intelligent and resourceful, with excellent senses. Their sense of smell is particularly strong; their large, open nostrils are packed with olfactory receptors, and they use their forked tongues in combination with the vomeronasal organ at the roof of their mouths to sense which direction a scent is coming from. They make exceptional trackers!

Xeros are incredibly adaptable creatures that come in a variety of subtypes to fit different habitats. They are able to withstand extreme environments low in oxygen; they can survive in space or underwater without protective gear for a short amount of time. They can go without breathing for about 10 minutes! 


All Xeros have hands with three fingers and a thumb, and feet with only three toes; they will never have more fingers or toes than this. They also always have claws; their claws are very shiny and just slightly translucent. Xeros are also excellent climbers; their paw pads are covered in microscopic setae which interact with surfaces on a molecular level - allowing them to stick to almost any surface.







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A significant hurdle in restoring an extinct species is figuring out how to safely develop the organism outside of a natural process. To solve this issue, Project scientists modified ORB technology to create a specialized variant that serves as an artificial egg for a developing Xero. After it’s initial synthesis, the embryo is placed in containment to complete its development to a point where it can continue to grow without such support.

This ORB contains all the necessary nutrients and fluids to mimic the sterile internal environment of a natural Xero egg and help facilitate healthy growth. The special shell is clear on the top to allow scientific observation & ensure healthy development of the Xero.


Every member has the opportunity to earn two free Basic MYO slots, one with Prestige, and one by Wish Shards by participating in our game. These slots allow you to create your own Xero any way you want!
In addition, we have a wide selection of Trait Items - giving your Xero (or MYO slot Xero) one of these berries allows them to develop new traits. Check back often for special Seasonal Fruits that become available only in certain months or events! More trait items coming soon!
If you wish to add subspecies-exclusive traits to your Xero, please track down the elusive Atelier!
Berries can be purchased in an on-site shop, the Greenhouse, while the MYO slots may be purchased in the ARC Lab.


Xeros are a closed species concept belonging to NeonSlushie; you are not allowed to make one freely without permission.


Voided Characters


The Korso species originated from non-arboreal flatland environment, similar to the Eurasian Steppe lands of Earth. The long limbs, excellent eyesight, and flexible necks were advantageous for the nomadic tribes. Over time hunter-gathering turned to farming, but the land was not fertile enough to produce much more than simple grains, leading to a primarily invertebrate diet supplanted by seeds and the occasional fruit. One such fruit was held special to the Korso; a particularly succulent melon with a growing period that was timed to the solar year. As Korso civilization developed, this timing fell naturally into a celebratory ritual of one's life.

When a Korso is born, the family is given the pit of a Psi'ttash to plant. The fruit would grow throughout the year and would be harvested and eaten on the Korso's life day, always leaving enough of the base and roots for it to regrow again. This fruit was considered a special treat when their diets were far more simple and restricted to simple technology, but it's still a cherished activity for Korso even today. The fruit's flavor was often influenced by the growing conditions of that year, so it was considered appropriate to think about the previous year and reflect on what to be appreciative of. Once the fruit is consumed, the pit is planted for next year, during this process is when the Korso thinks on what to improve and accomplish for the coming year.

Traditionalists will still source Psi'ttash melons but nowadays, the timing is more important to most Korso than the fruit itself, though no one will turn up a Psi'ttash if offered.

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